FMCG Goes Digital – Digital Advertising Strategies for the FMCG Sector

The Indian FMCG market, the fourth largest industry in the country, is expected to grow to US$ 103.7 billion by the year 2020 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 27.9%. Naturally, as the market grows, so do the promotional needs of the sector. This answer to this need comes in the form of […]

How to reposition a brand?

With competition stepping in from every possible door marketing and communications today has become a big challenge. A challenge that is questioning the very existence of even popular established brands. Today the brands have much less space to breathe and very small or no road to walk ahead. Market need is stagnant and supply is […]


What Should A Start-Up Do While Choosing A Design Studio / Advertising Agency

Crafting a clutter-breaking brand. Designing an objective-driven websites. Making digital products that deliver beyond expectations…. Design is the most powerful medium for a business to make itself stand out thus winning customers and harvest loyalty for a significant length of time and who knows even forever. Start Up Syndrome First things first. Usually a start […]


Get The Best Out Of Your Advertising Agency

While running a business, we get preoccupied with many areas. It’s very likely that we take the most crucial side of business for granted – Branding (Advertising). Factually branding is a way beyond what most us perceive. For instance, if a great product is not promoted well, it will soon die out. That brings into […]