agromax case study

Agromax Micronutrients

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2017 - 2020
Evergreen Micronutrients Pvt. Ltd.
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Evergreen Micronutrients Pvt. Ltd. is a company that produces Multi-micronutrient fertilizers under the brand name of AGROMAX that help the crops to deliver highest quality yields. The company was started with the aim to reduce deficiencies in the crops by making primary & secondary nutrients available to them and providing them with a wholesome diet, thereby enhancing their nutritional value and making the crops resistant to diseases.

Services Given
As per the strategy, we have provided the following services :
  • Product Packaging
  • Print advertising
  • Website Design
  • Digital campaigns
  • Event Branding
  • Video Branding
Our Objectives
  • To reach the TG consistently and effectively
  • To make Agromax a known.
  • Enhancing the perception of the TG by upgrading overall look and feel of the brand.
  • To maintain brand consistency.
  • To maintain and incline communication objective to Agromax.

Thanks to this campaign, customers had tremendous response.

  • Sales of all the products saw an increase of more than 25% of annual sales.
agromax case study
agromax case study
Mr. Chandan Shah Managing Director
“ Their positive vibe is reflected in their name itself. Our industry calls for straightforward and simple but attractive designs. Promising Designs has succeed to deliver us the best of both worlds in a consistent and timely manner. ”

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agromax case study

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